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Environmental Information

  • Conflict Minerals - Request VMI's EICC Conflict Mineral Declaration file via e-mail.
  • VMI's RoHS Compliance Policy
    • VMI continues to work towards total compliance to the RoHS initiatives regarding the use restricted materials in our products.
    • The information provided here has been determined to be accurate to the best of our ability.
    • We believe we are in total compliance where stated.
    • If you do not see the product you are interested in, please contact us.
    • Check back often, more product information will be added.
  • RoHS Compliance

Process Recommendations and Information

  • Soldering Recommendations - for reflow and hand-assembly
  • Diode Storage Recommendations and Practices
    • VMI diodes use 99.99% silver leads, which will oxidize in air, rendering the diode leads difficult to solder. We recommend that diodes be stored in a sealed and air-tight anti-static bag with an anti-tarnish strip. Preferably the diodes should be stored in an inert atmosphere, such as a nitrogen box.
    • VMI ships diodes in sealed bags that have been purged with nitrogen. Once the bag is unsealed, the solderabiltiy is good for 168 hours typically. However, this may not be the case in high humidity or high temperature environments.

Solder Dip Policy
Many diodes and assemblies are solder dipped, either by default, or customer request. Below is a brief outline regarding VMI's solder-dipping policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Axial-leaded devices - All leads in axial-leaded diodes are 99.99% silver.

This includes all diodes with part numbers starting with 1N, M, X, or Z. Sample part numbers include "1N6513", "M100UFG", "X50SG", and "ZR100SG". This does not apply to JAN/TX/V military QPL diodes.

  • Default condition - No solder dip, unless requested.
  • When requested, the default alloy is Sn96* unless otherwise specified.
  • Devices shipped to Asian countries are automatically solder-dipped in Sn96. No request is needed.
  • Exceptions to this include diodes ending in "L" or "LL". The default finish is a tin/lead solder dip. Sample part numbers include "X20FF5L", "1N6517LL", and "Z50FF5LL".

Lead-frame diodes

The information contained below applies to several VMI products that use lead-frames in the construction of the device. They include

  • MD90
  • SRP

Lead frame and termination base metals

  • MD90 devices uses a lead-frame of OFC copper, tin plated per Mil-T-10727 Type I, 200-400uInches, matte finish. The parts are not annealed after plating.
  • SRP devices uses a lead-frame - tin-lead plate per AMS-P-81728A, matte finish, 60%Sn, 40% Pb, and overplating of pure tin plate per Mil-T-10727, Type I, 200 - 400 uInch matte finish, copper or nickel strike prior to plating. The parts are not annealed or post baked within 24 hours after plating.

Overmolded diodes

All SMF and SXF products use 99.99% silver terminations, with no finish or underplating. The diodes are not solder-dipped.

QPL Diodes
JAN/TX/V military grade diodes, QPL diodes, including JAN/TX/V, are solder-dipped per the governing Source Control Document.

Copper tabbed diodes - Copper tabbed surface mount diodes are solder-dipped with Sn62 by default. Pb-free solder is not recommended due to flow, coverage, and cosmetic issues.

Assemblies - All custom diodes and assemblies are solder-dipped per the customer specification

Custom Diodes and Assemblies - Assemblies such as standard rectifiers, single- and three-phase bridges are solder-dipped with Sn96.

*Sn96 is an RoHS compliant, Pb-free solder alloy comprised of 96.5% Tin, 3.5% Silver typically.

Last revision: 05 May 2017