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Optocoupler Data Sheets - from 2500V to 25kV

Optodiode Data Sheets - 10kV and 15kV

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Coming soon - VMI's new OC500 - 50kV, dual optocoupler

50kV Dual Optocoupler Schematic - Click for Larger View

Designed for push/pull configuration, the optocoupler has two legs, each capable of 25kV switching voltage.

Each leg can be controlled independently via low voltage LED connections, with a standoff voltage capability of 50kV between the low voltage LEDs and the high voltage diode.

A DC gain of 0.28% MIN, with 0.40% typical.

The OC500 measures 80mm x 35mm x 15mm (3.15in x 1.38in x 0.59in), excluding leads and terminations.

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Last revised: 16 August 2017