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How High Voltage Opto-couplers Work
OC100HGOC100HG Schematic
OC-100 Family of High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler

The OC100 family of opto-couplers uses two LEDs precisely positioned to maximize illumination of a specially passivated high voltage (HV) diode.
The HV diode is commonly referred to as the "photo diode". The photo diode junctions are light sensitive, which means when the diode is exposed to light while reverse biased, the leakage current through it goes up. The brighter the light from the LED, the higher the leakage current through the HV diode.

Similarly, current flow through the LED determines the light intensity level. The higher the current flow through the LED, the brighter it shines.

Measuring the leakage current of the diode provides a feedback method to externally control the forward current through the LED.

Opto-couplers are often used as switches or HV Linear Regulators. They are ideal for use in high voltage power supplies and test equipment.

Opto-couplers are well suited to applications requiring high voltage isolation or remote sensing capabilities.

In general, high voltage opto-couplers feature...
  • High voltage operation
  • High isolation
  • Configurable as a current or voltage linear regulator
The OC-100 family features
  • 10kV Reverse Voltage
  • 25kV Isolation Test Voltage
  • Pb-free RoHS compliant*
  • Configurable as a current or voltage regulator.
Opto-couplers are useful in...
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Micro-controllers
  • Linear regulators
  • >Remote sensing

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Last revised: 19 July 2012