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Factors Influencing Reverse Recovery Time Circuit Effects
dl/dT - In general TRR decreases as dl/dT increases. Rate of change varies with manufacturing process and speed of device. Typically, slower devices exhibit less change in TRR as dl/dT changes. The following example reflects data taken from a high speed 1000V, 3Amp, platinum doped VMI power rectifier:


Slope of Reverse Current dl/dT (Amps/Ás)
Slope of Reverse Current vs. Trr
Environmental Effects
In general, TRR increases with junction temperature. The rate of change varies with manufacturing processes and the speed of the devices. Higher speed devices of the same manufacturing process change more (% of RT TRR) with temperature than slower devices. This graph reflects data taken from a range of VMI fast and ultra-fast diodes.





Trr vs. Junction Temperature


Junction Temperature, Tj (°C) 

Last revised: 03 Aug 2012