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Diode/Rectifier Request

Part Number (if known)

If you are unsure which VMI P/N best suits your application, leave this field blank. Simply fill in the fields below as much as possible. Our sales team will assist you in selecting the appropriate VMI P/N.

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To submit a quotation request to our sales department, please fill in the following form as completely as possible.

If you know the VMI P/N for the chip or diode you wish quoted, skip down the form to the VMI P/N entry field.

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General Information

Target Price:

VRWM Range
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Diode: 1.5-3kV
Diode: 4-10kV
Diode: 15-20kV

TRR Range:
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Chip: 30-50ns
Chip: 70-3000ns
Diode: 30-50ns
Diode: 70-150ns
Diode: 200-3000ns

Specify Target IO

Request information on the following body style(s)
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Diodes: axial-leaded, glass body
Diodes: axial-leaded, plastic-molded body
Surface Mount Diodes: formed-lead
Surface Mount Diodes: tabbed

Quantity of Chips/Diodes to be Quoted


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Last revised: 01 Oct 2013