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Voltage multipliers are AC to DC conversion devices that produce a high potential DC voltage from a lower voltage, AC source.

VMI produces surface mount and standard multipliers that are virtually limitless with respect to design variations.

All VMI multiplier assemblies are given 100% electrical testing, prior to shipping.

Custom multiplier assemblies are not limited to the standard electrical and physical characteristics shown here. Your imagination is the limit!

VMI designs and manufactures custom multipliers for use all over the world.

Multipliers - a detailed PDF file summarizing the linked information below - all in one place.

Multipliers - a condensed version summarizing the info below - all in one place.

Miniature hybrid multipliers - View data sheets of our standard. Output voltages range from 1500V to 6000V.

Multiplier Design Guide - A step-by-step guide for developing a custom designed multiplier.

Physical Characteristics - View examples of typical multiplier assembly styles.

Full Wave Multipliers - View typical schematic and full-wave multiplier data.

Half Wave Series Multipliers - View typical schematic and half-wave series multiplier data.

Half Wave Parallel Multipliers - View typical schematic and half-wave parallel multiplier data.

Optional Multiplier Testing - Optional, in-house tests available for your convenience.

Multiplier Assembly Quotation Request - Complete this form to request a quotation.

Last revised: 19 July 2012