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High Voltage Lightening Strike - About a Million Volts
High Voltage Applications

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. provides our customers with only the highest quality products. Our products include -

• High voltage discrete diodes
• High voltage assemblies
• High voltage hybrid multipliers
• Opto-diodes and opto-couplers
• Power supplies

We value our "A+" reliability rating. Consequently, our products have been designed into a wide range of end product applications. Here are just a few.....

Electrostatic Paint Guns
• X-ray Power Supplies
• Precision Instrumentation
• Traveling Wave Tubes
• Defibrillators

• LASER Technology
• Missile Guidance Systems
• Night Vision
• Flat Panel Displays
• Cockpit Displays

• Electrostatic Precipitators
• Oscilloscopes
• Military Aircraft
• Oil Drilling
• RADAR Jamming

• Space Exploration
• Agriculture

Last revised: 30 May 2014