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Rectifier Assembly  Catalog - VMI's rectifier assemblies are suitable for rugged-environment applications. 

High voltage stacks are axial-leaded, epoxy encapulated devices. Width and height stays the same, depending on whihc family (FP, SP, or SPJ), but the length will vary depending on the reverse voltage rating. Check the data sheet for length dimensions.

VMI standard products include -

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High Voltage Rectifier/Diode Schematic Symbol Rectifier Stacks

Fat Packs (FP) - 2.2A, up to 20kV

Slim Packs (SP) - 500mA, up to 20kV

Slim Pack Junior (SPJ) - 50mA, up to 40kV

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And More....

Rectifier Design & Application Notes - Find information on diode and assembly characteristics, identifying specific applications and optimization techniques, including electrical, physical, and environmental designs.

Rectifier FAQs 

Custom Rectifier Design Request - Custom rectifier assemblies are not limited to the standard electrical and physical characteristics as shown.  Please contact us directly with your custom specifications.

Samples of Custom Rectifier Assemblies
Representative packaging and typical rangesHigh Voltage Single Phase Bridges - Standard Packaging

Single Phase Bridges

Single Phase Bridge (SPB) - 2A, up to 20kV per leg, 70ns - VMI's single phase bridges are assembled with VMI diodes, then encapsulated in a rigid epoxy.

SPB High Voltage Single Phase Bridge with Pin Terminations SPB High Voltage Single Phase Bridge with Mounting Inserts Single Phase Bridge Schematic

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