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High Voltage Epoxy Diodes
Starting with VMI's standard glass-body, hermetically sealed diodes, these devices are over-molded in a rigid epoxy. The leads are then trimmed and formed.

Design advantages include -

  • Increased creepage distance between the anode and cathode
  • Uniform and precise dimensions
  • Specially designed for use with automatic insertion equipment such as pick-and-place machines.

New! 15kV SMF150 High Voltage Diode

High Temperature, 200°C, 2kV, 3kV, and 5kV Diodes

2KV, 3KV, & 5KV SMF6500 Series and 2KV SXF20 Series

2KV, 3KV, & 5KV SXF6500 Series

SMF150 - up to 15kV

SMF and SXF body style

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Last revised: 05 October 2017