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SPB Series - Single Phase Bridges - 5KV to 20KV
SPB stands for "Single Phase Bridge". The rest of the part number is explained by Figure 1 - Figure 1 - SPB Single Phase Bridge Part Number Decoder
Single Phase Bridge Schematic: Single-phase Bridge Schematic

Includes part numbers SPB50UF, SPB100UF, SPB150UF, and SPB200UF in both termination styles.

Single Phase Bridge with Mounting InsertsSingle Phase Bridge with Pin Terminations

1000V and less doublers, center taps, single phase, and three phase bridges are no longer available for new designs. VMI will continue to support existing designs.
contact us about custom design options, including:

- Case or configuration styles
- Additional screening and processing (see HRP 102)

Last revised: 16 Feb 2017