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Download MicroSim SPICE Library for VMI diodes & devices - vmi diodes.lib The following devices have SPICE parameters available. If the device you're interested in is not listed, please contact us. We will make the information available to you as soon as possible.
SPICE Parameters (.pdf)
1N5420 M160UFG  
1N5552 M25SG  
  1N5554 M50FF3  
  1N5622 M50SG  
1N5623 MD90FF25
  1N6513 X100FF3  
  1N6515 X100SG  
  1N6517 X10FF3  
  1N6519 X10FF5  
  1N6521 X150FF3  
  1N6523 X150SG  
  1N6525 X150UFG  
  1N6527 X200UFG  
  1N6529 X20FF3  
  1N6531 X25SG  
  1N6533 X50FF3  
  1N6535 X50SG  
  1N6615 Z100FF3  
  1N6619 Z100S  
  FP100F Z100UF  
  K100UF Z10FF5  
  K25S Z10SG  
  K25UF Z150SG  
  K50UF Z150UFG  
  M100FF3 Z25SG  
  M100SG Z25UF  
  M10UFG Z50FF3  
  M160FF3 Z50FF5  
  M160SG Z50SG  
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