Voltage Multipliers Inc.
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Utilizing the photo-sensitive nature of silicon, VMI has created a line of high voltage optocouplers and opto-diodes. VMI’s optocouplers and opto-diodes are available in 10kV to 25kV versions and can be assembled in series configuration for additional standoff voltage capability.

Change Notice for VMI’s Optocouplers and Opto-Diodes

10kV to 25kV Optocouplers

Introducing VMI’s New 20kV Optocouplers — OC200G and OC200HG 
High Gain • High Isolation • Small Footprint

Available in a clear molded package, VMI’s 10kV and 20kV version optocouplers are fabricated with two infrared LEDs. VMI’s 25kV optocoupler, the OC250 is assembled in shell with enough isolation to allow it to be operated in air without the need for additional insulation. All optocouplers are rated for 25kV isolation voltage between the LEDs and the high voltage diode.

10kV and 15kV Opto-Diodes

For applications that require more custom mechanical configurations or electrical characteristics, VMI has provided customers with the option of high voltage diodes in a clear epoxy package without the embedded LEDs.