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XRS Power Supplies

-40kV to -50kV • 100μA – 200μA • 4W –10W

Portable XRS x-ray power supplies are great for applications requiring -50kV and 10W. Lightweight, rugged, compact.
Available in -40kV, 100uA or -50kV 200uA outputs.

CRT Power Supplies

6kV to 18kV Adjustable Output Voltage • 0 – 550uA Adjustable Anode Current

CRS power supplies were designed specifically for use with CRT displays. CRTs are still around, and VMI is one of the few sources for CRT power supplies.
Two models available – CRS 6kV-18kV with wire lead.

LPS Power Supplies

10kV • 5mA • 11W

Designed for critical HeNe laser applications, the LPS series of DC input power supplies features low ripple current, high efficiency, excellent stability, and short circuit protection. Parts may be ordered in a range of input voltage and output current combinations. Available options include: Low Ripple (including EMI shielding), Remote Enable, CDRH Delay, and Epoxy Potting.

LP6 Power Supplies

10kV • 5mA • 6W

The HeNe laser power supply, LP6, features low ripple current, high efficiency, excellent load & line regulation, plus short circuit protection. It comes available in several different DC input voltages and Run Current settings, and positive or negative 10kV start voltage.