Voltage Multipliers Inc.
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All products and services provided by VMI shall conform to the requirements specified by our customers.


Each employee and supplier will be responsible for their involvement in design, procurement, manufacture, support, delivery, service, or management.

Supplier/Customer Relationships

We will build a chain of supplier/customer relationships that begin with our external suppliers and continue through our organization and include our external customers. We will use our supplier/customer relationships (internal and external) to assure that our individual work quality meets the requirements of the next person on the chain. Through this chain of relationships, we will assure that our product quality meets our customers’ requirements.

Commitment of Resources

We will provide our people with the necessary tools, work instructions, procedures, equipment, raw materials, and training to achieve our product quality goals, comply with requirements, establish and review quality objectives, and continually improve the effectiveness of VMI Quality Management System.

Employee Freedom

We will insure that our people have the freedom to identify, report, and solve problems affecting product quality.

Role of Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance manager is assigned the authority and responsibility for the definition, administration, and review of the quality program. This position is authorized to resolve all conflicts between this quality program and any other policies, procedures, or operations within the company and implement the necessary changes.